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Insurance Adjusters

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1. They are not on your side, they are not good neighbors, you are not in good hands, they are not the “No Problem” people, they are not in the business of caring, they do not give “peace of mind”, they don’t know what it means to serve you, on and on with paid claims about the alleged good service you will get from insurance companies. If you are dealing with an insurance company on a wreck case whether it is on a UM or UIM claim or against another person’s insurance company on a liability case, you are in an adverse relationship with them. *** Many of the insurance ads you see on TV are not only to drum up more business, but are intended to directly affect potential jurors!


a. Never take the advice of an adjuster to delay getting treatment or follow up treatment after an accident. I have represented a number of folks who were told directly by the adjuster that they should not get any treatment until the insurance company had fully investigated the case. Obviously all the adjuster was trying to do was to build up gaps in time between the accident and when you go for treatment. That lowers the value of your case and delays your recovery. Don’t fall for that trap!

b. Many adjusters will make nominal/low settlement offers shortly after an accident hoping that the injured person will be in such a great need for money that they will forgo treatment and settle their case for next to nothing. Remember once you accept money from an at-fault insurance company and sign a release there is nothing that a lawyer can do for you in most cases. The case is over.

c. Recently at least one insurance company has been trying to settle cases over the phone offering to make direct deposits in peoples’ bank accounts. In a couple of instances they have done so without authorization to do so and without the person signing a release. Be very wary and careful of this practice!

d. You need to be very careful in what you say to an adjuster. As with a cop, anything you say to them can and will be used against you.

e. The adjuster’s job is not to be fair to you, but to save as much money for the company as he can.

f. Adjusters are trained to do all that they can to get you to settle early and to settle low. Think about it, all of us pay a lot in insurance bills. The bottom line of liability insurance companies is that they want to pay out as little as they can whether it is fair to the person making the claim or not. It is only business to them!

g. Don’t assume that you can out deal the adjuster. While that may be the case, they are trained on how to keep what they pay out as low as possible. Also, you do not know the value of a case in your area. The value of a case depends a great deal on your injuries, medical treatment, and how fair juries in your area are in awarding verdicts. The insurance companies certainly have all of that data.

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