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Why do I need UIM (Underinsured coverage)? Underinsured coverage applies to you or any person in your vehicle if you are involved in an auto accident and the at-fault party does not have enough liability insurance coverage to pay for your medical bills and damages. This coverage is usually fairly cheap, but unfortunately most agents […]

With virtually all drivers having cell phones in their cars, many use them while driving. When you are stopped at a red light in town look at the drivers going by. You will see a good percentage of them talking on their cell phones and some texting as well. The use of hand held cell […]

All workers’ compensation commissioners are appointed by the governor in South Carolina. Unfortunately, the appointments have often been based on political payback or on the conservative or liberal leanings of the persons appointed. That is unfortunate because all commissioners should be neutrals with no particular leaning. The governor of South Carolina may be limited in […]

If you are in a wreck and your car is towed to a repair or storage yard after the accident, you need to make sure that the at-fault driver’s insurance company or your company (if you were at fault) looks at the car. If the car cannot be fixed, make sure that they take it […]

ACCIDENTS WHERE A VEHICLE FORCES A CAR OFF THE ROAD OR THE DRIVER GOES OFF THE ROAD TO AVOID AN ACCIDENT BUT THERE IS NO CONTACT BETWEEN THE VEHICLES. If a car runs another vehicle off the road or causes a wreck, but there is no contact between the vehicles and the at-fault vehicle leaves […]

Until the mid-1980’s if you were bitten by a dog in South Carolina you had to prove that the owner knew or should have known that the dog was vicious. Normally that required knowledge that the dog had nipped or bitten a person before. It was therefore called the “one bite rule.” It was modified […]

All drivers are required to have liability and uninsured motorist coverage in the amount of $25,000/$50,000 on each car they own. Underinsured coverage is unfortunately not a required coverage by law in South Carolina. Liability coverage covers another person’s damages when you are at fault causing an accident. Your insurance company will then pay the […]

1. They are not on your side, they are not good neighbors, you are not in good hands, they are not the “No Problem” people, they are not in the business of caring, they do not give “peace of mind”, they don’t know what it means to serve you, on and on with paid claims […]

If you are hurt it is important to get treatment as soon as possible after the injury. Insurance companies discount the value of cases if a person waits more than a few days or so to have the initial treatment or if they fail to return for treatment for weeks after the first treatment. I […]