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If You Are In An Accident

If you are in an accident, there are things you need to do to make sure you have the evidence in case you make a claim against an insurance company or if you ultimately have to go to court. The following are the most important, but there is a full list on the Auto Accident Information form.

    1. Take plenty of photos of the damage to the vehicles involved in the wreck, the scene, etc. *** Some people make the mistake of taking very close photos. That may be ok but take some showing the whole side or sides of the vehicle damage.


    1. If there are any non-accident involved witnesses, make sure you get their names, phone number(s), and addresses. If you do not know them and then leave the scene you will never find them again. Cops are bad at times about telling witnesses that they do not need them and allowing them to leave the scene. Try to get their information before they leave and find out what they saw of the accident and who they believe may have caused the accident.


    1. If there are non-wreck involved witnesses, it would be advisable to use your phone to record their information and have them give a recorded statement of what they saw. Such statements given shortly after a wreck has taken place are usually given greater weight than later statements if the case goes to trial. **** Make sure that the person is aware that you are recording what they say!


    1. If there are stores or businesses in the area, they might have surveillance cameras that show the wreck. If cameras show clear views of the wreck, they often are accurate and less biased than witnesses. I have had cases where investigating officers requested surveillance tapes if the cause of the accident is not clear.


    1. It is understood that you will be in shock after a wreck and may be injured. You may not be able physically or mentally at the time to do the above suggested actions. If you cannot try to get a witness, passenger, or other person to help you do them.


  1. When you talk with the officer, tell her in clear language where you were going and what happened. Often you will have time after the accident to think it over and be prepared to tell the officer exactly what happened.

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